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Oct 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
with mexico to help them solve the problem, stop the violence. >> the senator seat is one of the key house seats you can follow >> this week on "q&a", filmmaker heidi ewing discusses "detropia". segments of the film contained language which may be offensive. >> at what point did you decide to do a documentary on detroit? >> i am an originally from the area. there was definitely a personal connection. i had never considered making a film in detroit, or one with any personal ties to myself. mike co-director and i started talking about a detroit in late 2008. things seemed to be getting worse. it was already bad in the 1980's. in lot of people i knew were leaving. in october of 2009 i came with my crew for three days just as an experiment and film in the city just as an outsider. talked to a few people. absolutely riveretted by the people and the plays. i thought there's definitely a movie here. we need to make a film in detroit. >> when impacted, i read your father had an impact on you watching him and his business over the years. >> that's right, my father is had a manufa
Oct 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
of there to mexico or some other place other than the united states? guest: my dad ran the business with his two bores. they were adamant to keep their products made in the united states. however, i would say the vast majority, something like 60% of my father's went out of business. partly because of it was just cheaper to make things overseas. host: how many documentaries have you done before this one? guest: a lot. i've been making films over ten years. this is our fifth documentary feature off of theaters. we made a lot of small and large television products for hbo. we make our living in the nonfiction world which is rare and lucky. host: are you based? >> new york city. >> which of those documentaries made it biggest? guest: jesus camp. we made a film called "jesus camp." we lost to al gore convenient truth. we all knew we were going to lose. it really sort of struck a nerve. it was really a look at the evangelical right through the eyes of children who are being home schooled and creationism, etcetera. it was at that time in 2007 a real window into this world. we impact judgment on th
Oct 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
evan thomas. followed by british prime minister david cameron. later, new mexico governor susanna martinez campaigns for mitch romney in nevada. -- mitt romney in nevada. >> this week, evan thomas discusses his narrative, "ike's bluff." >> evan thomas, author of "ike's bluff." discussion throughout the entire book, ike's health. why? >> he had a stroke. he had a stomach operation. he was old. he was at the time the oldest president ever. he smoked four packs a day up until 1949. his health was not great. he was a robust man, but an old man with serious health issues. they got to him. >> dr. snyder. >> he was his personal doctor. he seemed to be at the white house 24-7. he kept a diary. they feared if ike got to tents and to worry, he would have another heart attack. he said, mr. president, you have to relax. he would say, what you think this job is? of course he was worried. that was a constant theme. >> who was howard snyder? >> he was his personal doctor, older, an army surgeon. it was happenstance he became a doctor. he was not properly trained. he misdiagnosed ike's heart atta
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)